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IceBar Cologne

Welcome to the IceBar Cologne! (Welcome to Cologne's coolest place!)

Cologne has so much to offer

Welcome to the IceBar Cologne!

Cologne has so much to offer: the skyline, the open attitude to life, the multifaceted Veedel and of course the Cologne Cathedral. Located in the heart of Cologne, you will get to know this beautiful city on the Rhine in a unique way: At -18 degrees and surrounded by ice! The IceBar Cologne takes you into an environment that is as merciless as it is beautiful.

Before you even step into the frosty IceBar, take a seat in our cozy chalet! Cozy warmth and a pleasant ambience invite you to chat and look forward to the upcoming experience. Of course, the drinks shouldn't be missing either: treat yourself to your first free drink and get ready: it's getting cold!

4 Reason Why Cologne Icebar?

Icebar Cologne offers a unique experience that sets it apart from traditional venues. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking frozen wonderland with intricately carved ice sculptures, ice bars and a chilled atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. It is an experience like no other and creates memories to last a lifetime.

winter wonderland

"Enter a winter wonderland: Icebar Cologne, where frosty magic awaits you."

Sophistication below zero

"Erleben Sie unter Null Raffinesse: IceBar Cologne, wo Eleganz auf eisige Heiterkeit trifft.“

chill factor

"Up the chill factor: Icebar Cologne, the ultimate destination for an extraordinary icy adventure."

Escape the ordinary

"Escape the ordinary, embrace the ice: Icebar Cologne, your gateway to an unforgettable icy escape."

It starts with your admission time

Erkunden Sie Kölns Sehenswürdigkeiten in und außerhalb des Eises und genießen Sie ein kühles Kölsch an der Bar, die aus massiven Eisblöcken gebaut ist. Wärmen Sie sich noch einmal mit einem der elf verschiedenen Liköre aus „Rheinduett’s Kölsches Grundgesetz“ auf, die exklusiv in der IceBar Köln erhältlich sind. Die drei Gratisgetränke, die Sie in der eisigen Umgebung erwarten, machen es möglich. Entdecken Sie eine unwirkliche Atmosphäre, testen Sie Ihre Ausdauer in der „Kölner Tundra“ und machen Sie Fotos vor unserer markanten Eiswand.

After your visit, "it's far from over", because the chalet awaits you: A colorful selection of drinks is provided! Whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, Kölsch or Schnaps, cocktails or soft drinks. Think of your loved ones and take a piece of Cologne home with "Rheinduetts' Kölsches Grundgesetz". Round off your evening in the IceBar Cologne and enjoy an experience that you will never forget.



What are you waiting for? Your drinks are chilled!

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